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How to Use the TimeTrakGO Dashboard

Mel Clark
3 Oct, 2023 - Updated 4 months ago

How to Use the TimeTrakGO Dashboard

The TimeTrakGO Dashboard is the ultimate tool for managing your employee time and admin functions in one simple area. With the dashboard, you can easily access up-to-date data such as total hours, errors, and current user status. With the TimeTrakGO Dashboard, you will also be alerted of pending System Notifications including Device Authorization, Time Off Requests, and Locked Out Users.

Setup and Configuration Overview Video


User and Date Selection

The User and Date Selection allows you to filter by Single User or Group View as well as a quick and easy date selection. 

*The default for the dashboard is all users for the current pay period*

Total Hours Insight

The Total Hours Insight, allows you to see your employee's total hours for the current pay period as well as help aid in keeping track of Overtime and PTO Hours.

​​​Clicking on the Total Hours Insight will give you a more detailed view.

You can view this detail under Hours Detail.

Or you can view the detail in a helpful Hours Chart.


Errors Insight

The Errors Insight offers details into errors such as missing punches, early ins/outs, and absences. This includes the option for quick and easy editing right from the dashboard!

Clicking on the Errors Insight will bring you a more detailed view including the option to edit and correct these errors by clicking the pencil icon. 

Clicking the Gear Icon will allow you to choose which errors you would like to see. Including the option to hide today's errors and remember your settings!


System Notifications 

The System Notifications will alert you of important admin alerts including Locked Out Users, Time Off Requests, and Device Authorization. 

*Clicking on these notifications allows you to quickly address these items*


Employee Hours Insight

The Employee Hours Insight is another helpful feature providing you with a detailed listing of the current hours. Conveniently you can export your file right to Excel, making payroll simple and easy! 

To export your report as an Excel Document, simply click on "Export Options" You will then be able to choose "Mircosoft Excel Report"


In/Out Board

With this insight, you have a quick and simple In/Out Board to see your user's status. You have the option to expand the In/Out board for a larger view. You also have the option to search for a specific user by the user's name. 


Recent Punches

The Recent Punch Insight will provide a sequential list of your user's recent punches. You have the option to expand the Recent Punches for a larger view. You also have the option to search for a specific user by the user's name. 


Map Report

The Map Report Insight will show punches with location detail on a map report. The Map Report Insight also includes the option to filter for "today's punches" as well as the option to expand the map for a larger view. You also have the option to search for a specific user by the user's name. 

*The Map Report will still be available in the Reports Menu*

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