Getting Started  >
Getting Started with TimeTrakGO. Quick Start Guide, Basic Functionality and More!
Mobile App  >
Mobile App Settings and Download Information.
Facial Recognition Time Clock  >
Turns an ordinary tablet into a facial recognition time clock.
PIN/Keypad Entry Time Clock  >
Turns an ordinary tablet into a PIN\Keypad entry time clock.
Web-based Time Clock Kiosk  >
Virtual Employee Time Clock Kiosk
GO Clock  >
GO Clock, a simple web-based time clock.
Users  >
User Management including Adding and Editing existing Users.
Time and Hours  >
How to Review and Edit Time Cards.
Time Off Center  >
Time Off Center and PTO Requests\Approvals
Geofence App Security  >
Geofence app security to restrict access based on location
Custom Pay Codes  >
Create custom pay codes such as Jury Duty, Travel, Workers Comp
Schedules  >
Creating and editing employee schedules
Reports  >
PTO Accruals  >
Available, Committed, and Taken PTO Balances
Feature Manager  >
Adding functionality such as Paid Holidays, Vacation Request, PTO Tracking and More!
Announcements  >
Product Announcements
FAQs  >
Simple solutions for frequently asked questions.
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