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How to set up the Mobile App (iPhone and Android)

Brian Zurawski
21 Oct, 2022 - Updated  1 year ago

How to set up the Mobile App (iPhone and Android)

TimeTrakGO Mobile App Installation & Setup

Whether your employees are in an office or out in the field, the TimeTrakGO Time mobile app is a simple and efficient way to track their payable hours.

Employees can clock in or out instantly from their Android or iPhone smartphone devices with just one click. TimeTrakGO’s mobile app even works on your tablet permitting you to take your time clock with you wherever you go!

 The GPS map report helps to ensure employees are only clocking from an authorized location.

TimeTrak GO Mobile App Installation

The TimeTrakGO mobile app can be found on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Search the app store for TimeTrakGO
 or choose one of the buttons below appropriate for your device. 

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store


Opening the app for the first time

Upon opening the TimeTrakGO mobile app for the first time, you will receive a prompt asking for permission to the device's location. Clicking allow on this message will pass the GPS location to the TimeTrakGO software at the time of the punch.
Important: For privacy reasons and better battery life the GPS location is only recorded at the moment a punch occurs and does not constantly record the location of the employee.  



Logging in for the first time. 

Once permissions are granted for the mobile app, you will be presented with a screen asking you to Sign In. Click the Sign in button to enter your system credentials

Entering your system credentials. 

On this screen, you will need to enter your TimeTrakGO Website URL, your Login ID\email address, and your user password. Once the website URL is entered correctly, it will be indicated with a green checkmark. If you do not see a green checkmark please verify the website URL is correct. 

Next, enter your Login ID or Email address for your TimeTrakGO account followed by your password.  Now you are ready to Login to the mobile app. You will only need to enter this information once, it will be automatically saved to your device. 


Welcome to the TimeTrakGO Mobile App!

From this screen, you can perform standard time clock functions such as Clocking In, Clocking Out, or taking breaks.  Your GPS location is displayed at the top, along with a status indicator. 

You will also notice your total hours for the pay period and last punch time & date.  

We hope you enjoy the TimeTrakGO mobile time clock app.
The TimeTrakGO customer care team!

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