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TimeTrakGO Updates from 2024

Brian Zurawski
22 Feb, 2024 - Updated  1 month ago

TimeTrakGO Updates from 2023

TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (February 2024 | v2.0.490) 

This February 2024 update includes the highly anticipated feature of Automatic PTO Accrual Earnings.

Automatic PTO Accrual Earnings
Say goodbye to manual calculations! Our new automatic PTO accrual feature takes the hassle out of tracking earned and accrued time, ensuring accuracy and consistency for both employees and HR teams.

Choose from various rules like yearly, monthly, pay period, hourly, and hourly percentage to seamlessly align with your company policies, including new state sick leave laws or vacation hours that automatically increase with length-of-service.

Example PTO Calculations

  • Yearly: Earn 24 hours of Sick leave per year.
  • Yearly Anniversary: Get 40, 80, or 120 hours of Vacation based on service, awarded annually on your anniversary date.
  • Monthly: Earn 4 hours of Sick leave each month.
  • Pay Period: Accrue 8 hours of Vacation each pay period (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.).
  • Hourly: Receive 1 hour of Sick leave for every 40 hours worked.
  • Hourly Percentage: Earn 2.5% of your worked hours as Vacation time.

New Feature to Prevent Negative PTO Balances
We've added a safety net to prevent negative PTO balances. The system now stops time-off requests exceeding available balances and restricts manual edits that could cause overdrawing. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your PTO tracking is always accurate and compliant.

Preventing Negatives while editing within Time and Hours

Preventing Negatives while Requesting Time

Preventing Negatives While Approving

Speed Improvements
Prepare for takeoff and get ready for lightning-fast loading times! This update significantly improves page performance, especially for users with slower internet (4G/5G), high latency (satellite), or those managing large teams and datasets. Experience reduced waiting, increased productivity, and a smoother workflow – no matter your setup.

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