How to set up the time clock Kiosk

Mel Clark
3 Oct, 2023 - Updated 6 months ago

Time Clock Kiosk

Employee Time Clock Kiosk

The Time Clock Kiosk is a FREE Feature that can be enabled in our Feature Manager, Once enabled, users can easily clock IN, clock OUT, or start and stop a BREAK from the Time Clock Kiosk with a simple Employee PIN (Personal Identification Number)

The Kiosk will turn any computer or tablet into a fully functional employee time clock. 

The Kiosk is also fully supported by our Device Authorization Add-On to help you secure which devices can function as the employee time clock. Visit our help article for more information on enabling  Device Authorization.

Once enabled, the Kiosk is available at your TimeTrakGO URL /kiosk 
For example:

You can also find a link to your Time Clock Kiosk in the Feature Manager, just below the Kiosk description. 


When accessing the Kiosk you will see the current Time\Date as well as a listing of users including a search option.