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Enabling PTO Accrual Tracking

Mel Clark
16 Feb, 2024 - Updated 5 months ago

Enabling PTO Accrual Tracking

​​PTO Accrual Tracking is a feature included in our TimeTrakGO Plus plan that will automatically maintain the balances of paid time off (PTO) such as Sick and Vacation. This add-on includes options for Fiscal (Jan 1st) and Anniversary accrual types which are based on the employee's hire date.  
Activating the PTO Accrual Tracking feature is simple, just head over to the feature manager and choose to activate the PTO Accrual Tracking feature.

If you have not upgraded to our TimeTrakGO Plus plan and are interested in this feature, it is as simple as clicking the "Upgrade Plan" button.

Once activated, setup is SIMPLE, just click on the settings button and choose your accrual type. 

Accrual types include:

  • Fiscal (For those organizations that give employees their available hours January 1st each year)

  • Anniversary (For those organizations that replenish the available hours on each anniversary date)


Next, you will need to enable which pay codes you would like to track. 

Finally, once the pay codes are enabled, you will be able to start entering their opening balances for their PTO time.  The opening balance is the amount of hours that employees would have received on their accrual date.  For example, in the picture below this employee received 80.00 hours of Vacation/PTO on January 1st, 2021.   The Available column is a calculated field based on the Opening Balance, less the Taken and Committed hours. 
Note: Hire dates are required when using the PTO Accrual Tracking feature. If an employee does not have a hire date you will be prompted to set the hire date right from this setup area.


Accessing Accrual Details
View a complete accrual detail by clicking on the icon to the far right.

Accrual Details Screen
View a complete accrual history starting with the opening balance and including all Taken and Committed hours for the benefit year. 

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