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New Time and Hours Insight for PTO Accrual Tracking

Brian Zurawski
17 Feb, 2022 - Updated  1 year ago

New Time and Hours Insight for PTO Accrual Tracking

By enabling this FREE add-on the available balances of PTO will be available as a new insight within the Time and Hours section of the TimeTrakGO application. This insight will show the available PTO balances in either single-user or group-edit modes.  Clicking on this insight will open even more details such as the accrual year, opening balance, taken, committed, and available hours for each user.

If clicked, it will display the users accrual information

This window also includes access to the complete accrual details by clicking the icon to the far right:

Accrual Details
View a complete accrual history starting with the opening balance and including all Taken and Committed hours for the benefit year.
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