Create a new Schedule

Brian Zurawski
18 Feb, 2022 - Updated  1 year ago

Create a New Schedule

Creating a new schedule in TimeTrakGO is simple! They can be added during the setup wizard, or any time by navigating to the Company Setup\Schedule page in your system.
To turn the schedule feature On, select "Yes" from the toggle button option at the top of the page and click the Add New button located at the top right of your screen

Give your schedule a name

Select your Break option for the new schedule
Auto-Deduct will automatically add a break to a user's time card after a specified number of hours worked
Clocked will require the user to clock in and out for break

Break duration will display for the user in the "Out for Break" schedule piece

In Hybrid mode, once the user punches out for their scheduled break, their expected time of return will populate in the "Back from Break" piece based on their schedule break duration

If you do not want a break included in a schedule, select "None" from the break options to turn it off

To build your schedule, turn on the appropriate days of the week and enter the start & stop times accordingly
Note: days of the week will appear according to your Week Start Day setting

Schedules are assigned to users individually from the Users page in the System Information tab.

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