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How to manage enrollments (Web)

Mel Clark
3 Oct, 2023 - Updated 9 months ago

How to manage enrollments (Enroll new users)

For convenience, TimeTrakGO offers two methods for enrolling the face templates of your users. This article will show you how to enroll your users from within the TimeTrakGO Web Application, Be sure to check out our other article for enrolling users from within the Kiosk application. 

Click Settings
Head over to the feature manager and click settings next to the add-on titled "Time Clock Kiosk | App-based with optional Facial Recognition

Click on Facial Enrollments
From within the Time Clock Kiosk Add-on, choose the tab labeled Facial Enrollments

Click EDIT
Click on the Edit Icon next to the user that you would like to upload an enrollment for. 
Tip - You can filter for users that are "Not Enrolled" by selecting the "Enrolled" filter

Upload Image or Take Photo
If you have an existing image of this user, you can simply click upload image to attach the photo.  You will be required to find the image on your computer and upload it. 
Tip: If you have a webcam attached to your computer, you can choose the option to activate web-cam\take photo to instantly capture the user's enrollment.

Crop Image
Be sure to crop the image similar to what is shown below. When finished, press the button labeled Done.

Add more or Finish
TimeTrakGO's facial recognition feature supports multiple enrollment photos for each user. While multiple enrollment photos are not typically needed, if a user is having difficulty clocking in or out an additional enrollment photo may be required.  Once finished, click the button labeled Close


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