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How to fix the facial recognition camera orientation

Brian Zurawski
3 Oct, 2023 - Updated 9 months ago

How to fix the facial recognition camera orientation (Sideways View)

If the facial recognition feature shows the camera feature with an incorrect orientation this article will instruct you on how to make a setting change to correct it. 

On some Android tablets, the screen appears rotated 90 degrees when this happens there is a quick setting change that can fix it for you. 

Enter Manager Settings Area

On the Kiosk app, press the manage button in the screen's lower left corner. Using admin credentials, log into the app. 

Click Time Clock Settings

Next, look for the "Time Clock Settings" menu item and open the settings area.

Use Device Camera Application

Finally, look for the setting label "Use Device Camera Application" and enable this feature using the toggle on the right. 

This will use the device's native camera application and should restore the correct screen orientation when using the facial recognition feature. 

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