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Employee Self-Service (View Time Cards, Hours, Schedules)

Brian Zurawski
21 Jun, 2022 - Updated  1 year ago

Employee Self-Service (View Time Cards, Hours, Schedules)

When logged in, a user will see an "Insights" bar just below the GO Clock section. This insights bar contains information such as Today's Hours as well as Total Hours for the pay period. 

Note: Clocking functionality can be removed for those organizations who enabled the Time Clock Kiosk add-on.  This will permit employees to have "view only" access to the time card information from anywhere

Clicking on this Insights Bar will expand that section to reveal additional insights such as Scheduled Hours, Projected Hours, and Errors. 

Even more information is available by clicking on any of the information blocks such as Total Hours or Errors.

Just below the GO Clock, the user will see their Time Card details. The user can access Time Card History by using the calendar controls near the top. 

Options include scrolling backward by pay period or opening the calendar date picker to choose a specific date or range of dates. 

TimeTrakGO has an awesome feature for those organizations which have employees watching their own overtime hours. 

The Projected Hours feature in TimeTrakGO includes all hours worked up to the current date\time as well as future scheduled hours. An employee who comes in late by 1-hour may see their weekly projected hours dip to 39.00.

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