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Advanced Time Card Editor

Brian Zurawski
15 Feb, 2022 - Updated 2 years ago

Advanced Time Card Editor

The Advanced Time Card Editor will make editing timecards even easier within TimeTrakGO. Advanced edits such as changing the Punch Type, Pay Date, or Punch Date can now be made with a simple pop-up editor. The advanced editor is found by clicking the pencil icon when hovering over a punch in time and hours. 

Accessing the Advanced Time Card Editor

Using the Advanced Time Card Editor

Once the advanced editor is open, changes to the Punch Type, Pay Date, Punch Date, Time, and Comment can be made. 

What is the difference between Pay Date and Punch Date?
For most systems, these dates will always be the same.  However, if you have employees that cross over midnight, the punch date of the OUT punch would be the following morning of the IN Punch.

Standard Systems 8am until 5pm
Clocked IN Monday morning at 8am and out at 5pm.  Each punch would have the same Pay Date\Punch Date. 

Employees who cross over midnight
Clocked IN Monday night at 6pm and out the following morning at 6am.  The paydate for each punch would be the same, but the OUT punch that occurred after midnight would have a punch date the following morning. 
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