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February 2022 | Disabling the Login option February 2022 Important Changes to User Management

February 2022 | Enter a valid email option

Mel Clark
3 Oct, 2023 - Updated 9 months ago
February 2022 | Enter a valid email option
If your users do not have an email but they are using the mobile app, GO Clock, or they are set up as a supervisor they will now be required to have an email address.

As described in the February 2022 update notes there have been several enhancements to user management within TimeTrakGO. This article will show you the steps necessary to enter a valid email for any user who will access TimeTrakGo with a login ID and password. For example, the Users that would require a login are: Supervisors, GO Clock Users, Mobile App Users, and Administrators.
Step 1 - Find the user
Using the new user listing, find the user by selecting the EDIT icon as seen below.


Step 2 - Enter an email address for the user. 
Enter a valid email address.
The email can be a personal or corporate email address. This new requirement is necessary to allow any user with access to the TimeTrakGO solution a secure way to reset their password if necessary. NOTE - Free email services such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! are available. 


Step 3 - Save the User
Using the green Save button, save this user.

Step 4 - Continue for the remaining users (Optional)
Quickly navigate to other users that may also need an email entered. 

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