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Time and Hours - How to view hours and punch detail

Time and Hours - How to view hours and punch detail
Brian Zurawski
7 Feb, 2023 - Updated  1 year ago

How to view hours and punch detail

TimeTrakGO Mobile App now has the ability to allow your users to view their hours and punch detail right from their mobile device!

When first entering the Mobile App you will land on the Mobile Employee Time Clock, from there you will have two other menu options: Time and Hours and Time Off Center. You will want to click on Time and Hours.

Once you are in the Time and Hours menu, you will see your Total Hours at the top broken down into the different pay codes for your pay period. You can also use the <> to click through past pay periods or to move forward to the next pay period. 

Clicking on the calendar view will bring you to a list of different viewing options as well. You can view your time in This Pay Period, Last Pay Period, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, Yesterday, and Today.

You can also click on each day and you will be brought into a more detailed view. From here you can see your In, Out for Break, Back From Break, and Out times. As well as your total hours for that day.


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