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Scheduled Holidays

Mel Clark
3 Oct, 2023 - Updated 9 months ago

Scheduled Holidays

Scheduled Holidays is a FREE Feature that can be enabled in our Feature Manager. Once enabled, and assigned to users, holidays can be defined in one place 

When you activate this Feature you will be asked if you want to enable Scheduled Holidays for ALL Users.    Of course, you can always enable or disable Scheduled Holidays for individual users at any time.
Note: This is the only time you will be asked if you want ALL users to be enabled

Employee Profile
The "Use Scheduled Holidays" selection is only visible in User profiles if the Scheduled Holidays Feature is enabled

Once the Feature is activated, you can add Scheduled Holidays by selecting "Settings"

You can now start adding Holidays.  The red highlighted areas are required fields:

  • Date of Holiday

  • Holiday Description

  • Number of Hours


After filling out these 3 fields click Add.

The date will be added to the Holiday Schedule list on the left

Note: You can see Past Holidays by selecting "Show Past Dates."  All past dates that are in Locked History will be displayed with the current dates but will be unavailable to edit.

Scheduled Holidays appear in the time card with a System Generated icon in the upper left corner and the Comment in the upper right corner includes the holiday description (see 2nd image below)



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