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TimeTrakGO Updates from 2023

TimeTrakGO Updates from 2023
Brian Zurawski
1 Nov, 2023 - Updated 8 months ago

TimeTrakGO Updates from 2023

TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (November 2023 | v2.0.468) 

This October update includes several new usability improvements for TimeTrakGO as well as a few minor bug fixes. 

Quickbooks Desktop Integration TimeTrakGO now provides direct payroll integration with QuickBooks Desktop, guaranteeing a seamless transfer of payable hours, and saving both time and money.
time clock that works with quickbooks
Heartland Payroll Integration This TimeTrakGO update also includes payroll integration with Heartland Payroll Solutions.

Additional Minor Improvements

  • Improved Geofence Checking & Locking of Clock Functions
  • Added Manually entered PTO transactions to the Time Off Center Reports
  • Added a new warning message to the Kiosk App if the device is offline

 TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (October 2023 | v2.0.465) 

This October update includes several new usability improvements for TimeTrakGO as well as a few minor bug fixes. 

Menu Improvements
Enhanced the main navigation menu with background shading and highlighted active areas for improved visual clarity and user experience. 

Feature Manager (NEW)
The Add-on Manager has undergone a transformation and is now known as the Feature Manager. Alongside this rebranding, we've updated its icon to provide a clearer representation, indicating its purpose of enabling or disabling additional TimeTrakGO features.

 TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (August 2023 | v2.0.454) 

This August update includes several new usability improvements for TimeTrakGO as well as a few minor bug fixes. 
Dashboard Improvement
Added an indicator on the Dashboard’s IN/OUT Board when the punch is greater than 24 hours from the current date\time.  

Time Off Center Calendar
Implemented color coding for improved visibility, highlighting the "Current Day" in the Time Off Center


Time Off Center List View
Enhanced the Time Off Center's List View to display manual PTO hours like Vacation or Sick time. These entries will now be visible in the Approved Section, labeled as "Time Card".

Improved User Archive
When archiving a user, a prompt will guide you to set a termination date and optionally clear future PTO entries. This action will not only remove approved time off requests but also manual time card entries beyond the specified termination date.

Improved Time Card Report
We've enhanced the Time Card PDF report by minimizing padding and eliminating vacant spaces. This refinement enables up to 4 punches per day across 14 days to neatly fit on a single page.

Time and Hours Errors Insight
We've enhanced the Time and Hours Errors Insight to align seamlessly with the Dashboard's functionality. This subtle yet impactful change enhances error visibility, particularly regarding issues like Missing Punches or Absences. Moreover, this new insight also facilitates editing, streamlining the time card review process even further.

Additional Minor Improvements
  • Prevented users from requesting removal of previously approved time off requests if the date requested has been locked.
  • Corrected an issue that would show archived users' Automatic Holidays on the Time Off Center calendar.
  • Corrected an issue with creating a Geofence with the browser was denied location access.

 TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (July 2023 | v2.0.447) 

In this exciting July update, we are thrilled to introduce the highly-anticipated Payroll Integrations feature. Now you can effortlessly export payable hours to a variety of leading payroll solution providers, including ADP, PAYCHEX, Sage 50, and many others!  

Featured Payroll Integrations

Not seeing your payroll solution? Get in touch with our Team. 
At TimeTrakGO, we have developed an efficient framework designed to facilitate the seamless creation of payroll export files. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients when it comes to integrating with various payroll solution providers.
Simply inform us about the specific payroll solution you are currently using, and we will promptly determine if our system can interface with it. Our team is dedicated to ensuring compatibility and streamlining the payroll process for your convenience.

User Management
Added user counts to the list filters of the user section. Now you can quickly see the total Active, Archived, and Locked-Out users.

 TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (June 2023 | v2.0.432) 

This June update includes several new usability improvements for TimeTrakGO as well as a few minor bug fixes.

User Management
Added user counts to the list filters of the user section. Now you can quickly see the total Active, Archived, and Locked-Out users.

User Status
Enhanced the Active, Archived, and Locked-Out user statuses. The Locked-Out user status will only display if a user has locked themselves out of TimeTrakGO. Once the user is restored back to Active, the Locked-Out indication is removed.

Additional Minor Improvements
  • Corrected an issue with Bulk-Add Users that could cause it to lock up
  • Improved the Time Card\Schedule and Hybrid Toggles
  • Enhanced the Users section to display full width
  • Corrected an issue with Time Off cancellation requests in Time and Hours
  • Added a settings gear to the Dashboard Employee Hours Insight
  • Corrected an issue with the web-based Kiosk that affected the weekly total hours


 TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (May 2023 | v2.0.428) 

Great news! We're excited to unveil our latest addition to TimeTrakGO - the management dashboard. This feature is designed to give you invaluable insights into your total hours, errors, and system notifications all in one user-friendly platform.

The best part? You can now easily manage and correct discrepancies with just a few clicks, thanks to the quick editing functionality available right from the dashboard. Stay ahead of the game and stay on top of your time tracking with our new management dashboard feature.
Key Dashboard Features
  • Total Hours - Total hours for the period.
  • Errors - With quick editing right from the dashboard.
  • System Notifications - Time Off Requests, Locked Out Users, etc.
  • Employee Hours Detail - Total hours by pay code.
  • In/Out Board - Current user status.
  • Recent Punches - Sequential list of the most recent punches.
  • Map - Quick access to the user location map.

 TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (March 2023 | v2.0.415) 

We are thrilled to share with you some exciting updates to our platform! Our team has been hard at work preparing for some exciting future enhancements. Here are some of the highlights:

Improved User Interface: Our updated UI provides a cleaner, more intuitive user experience. We've simplified the navigation, and our new design ensures that everything you need is easily accessible.

Faster Load Times: We know how frustrating it can be to wait for pages to load, which is why we've worked to make our platform lightning-fast. You'll now experience much quicker load times across the board.

In the coming weeks, we plan on releasing several major features to TimeTrakGO including a new intuitive Admin Dashboard and Payroll Integrations.

 TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (March 2023 | v2.0.404) 

This March update includes several new usability improvements for TimeTrakGO as well as a few minor bug fixes.
System Improvements
  • Smaller more compact user selection lists
  • Improved the Insert Punch list 
  • Added duplicate In Punch detection to our tablet app
  • Added duplicate In Punch detection to our mobile app
  • Corrected an issue with Geofence restrictions on certain systems
  • Corrected an issue with PTO entry when the pay period crosses over year-end
  • Corrected an issue that prevented holidays from showing on the time off center calendar if the pay dates were locked
  • Corrected an issue that prevented time off requests from being approved within the Time and Hours section
  • Corrected an issue with our mobile app that could cause a user to get locked out after just 1 failed login attempt

 TimeTrakGO Update Announcement (February 2023 | v2.0.396) 

This February update includes several exciting new features for our mobile time clock app. Additional self-service features include detailed hours, punch information, PTO accrual balances, and time off requests.
Time and Hours Section
  • Pay Period Navigation
  • Total Hours
  • Punch Details
  • Missing Punch Indicator
Time off Requests
  • Request Time Off
  • View the Status of Previous Requests
  • Request Removal\Cancellation
  • Filter Pending, Approved, Denied
PTO Accrual Balances
  • PTO Accrual Balances by Pay Code
  • Detail View

New Add-on for the Mobile App
This new add-on will allow for more configurability within our mobile app. Features such as Time and Hours , Time Off Center, or simply enforcing GPS are now easily configured.

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