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Geofence Mobile Time Clock Security

Mel Clark
3 Oct, 2023 - Updated 9 months ago

Geofence Mobile Time Clock Security

The Geofence feature allows you to create virtual fences or boundaries that will enabled\disable the ability to clock in from our mobile app. The Geofence feature also comes with an option to allow all punches but indicate when the location is outside the fenced area. 
Examples of Geofenced Locations

  • The perimeter of your company. (Employees would need to be physically on-site to clock in)

  • Multiple Job Sites Out in the Field.

Activate the Geofence feature as seen below.

Once activated, you will be brought into the settings area.
From here you can choose if a user should be allowed to clock in or out when outside a geofence location. If this is set to true, all punches will be allowed and those punches that are outside a fenced location will be indicated on the Map that they are not within a fenced location.  If this option is set to NO, users will not be allowed to clock in or out when outside the geofence location.


Click on + Add New Geofence Location


Step 1 - Description
From the screen above, you will need to assign a name to this Geofence location, such as "Main Office" or "warehouse", etc. 
Step 2 - User Assignment
Next, you can choose if this Geofenced location will be assigned to All Users or Specific Users\Groups
Step 3 - Radius
The default radius may need to be adjusted after you set your location on the map below. (See Step 4)
Step 4 - Set the Address
Using the map below, enter the starting address, Important - Next click on the map to set the location "Pin". (See image Below)
Be sure to adjust the radius as mentioned in step 4, if the perimeter is too small. 
Step 3 - Add Geofence Location
The last step is to click the Add button below to add this location to the list of available clocking locations. 

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