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Heartland Configuration

Brian Zurawski
29 Jan, 2024 - Updated 30 days ago

​Heartland payroll export configuration. 

Payroll integrations are considered an advanced TimeTrakGO feature, only available on our PLUS plan or higher. Free setup and configuration assistance is available by contacting our customer care team. 


Enabling the Payroll Integrations Feature

Payroll integrations can be enabled from within the Feature Manager. First, locate the left navigation menu titled "Feature Manager" then find the Integrations feature. 

Depending on your current plan, you will either have an Upgrade Plan or Activate Plan option. 

Upon activation of the ​​​​​​Integrations feature, you will be asked to enable the Pass to Payroll option for all users. A "Yes" response is recommended here.  If employees should not be sent to payroll, such as temporary employees paid through a temp agency or salaried employees, this setting can be disabled on a user-by-user basis in the Users section. 


Activate the Heartland Integration

Choose Activate next to the Payroll Integration titled "Heartland".

Configure Settings

The Heartland integration has options for the Heartland Company ID.

Map Pay Codes

This section allows you to map TimeTrakGO Pay Codes to Heartland Pay Components.  Additionally, if there is a TimeTrakGO Pay Code that you would like to omit from the integration, you can disable the "Pass to Payroll" setting as seen below. 

Export hours to Heartland

You are now ready to export hours to Heartland.  Once configured, the exported file is easily accessible from the TimeTrakGO Dashboard, Employee Hours section. Click Export Options, then Choose Heartland.  This will download a file that can be easily uploaded into Heartland. 

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